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Project Manager/ Software Development/ SGD7,000 and above 134 views

Our client, a company that deals with IT development and digital marketing, is looking for a Project Manager. For information management purposes, the company name will not be disclosed until after we receive your resume. Please understand that the company name will be disclosed after receiving the resume.
If you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact us by email with your resume attached. (Please avoid phone inquiries as much as possible so that we can respond to your inquiry with certainty.)

Salary and Benefits

Salary Range: SGD7,000-12,000/m

(based on desired salary, experience, and skills, to be determined after interviews)

AWS availability: 1 month of basic salary
VB: None
Insurance: Medical insurance

2 days off per week: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Annual Leave: 14 days
Sick Leave: 14 days, 60 days for hospitalization
CPF Employer Contribution (if applicable): Yes
Experience as a PM/SE or project leader in IT development such as web/application/system development (experience as a programmer is welcome)
If you are an agile and fast paced person who can promote various themes such as Big Data, AI, IoT, etc. in various industries (HR, FinTech, Edutech, etc.)
1)Japanese *higher than conversation level 
2)English *higher than conversation level
Job Description
As a project manager, you will be responsible for bridging the gap between the client and the overseas development team.
As well as you will be the bridge between the client and the overseas development team.
You will be responsible for building a permanent relationship with the client by understanding the client’s business and what they want to achieve, and promoting the project in cooperation with the development team.
Basically, manage the project from requirement definition and basic design to manufacturing, testing, and project completion.
The local development team is managed by a local PM, and the bridge SE is responsible for Japanese-English interpretation and translation.
The local PM manages the local development team, while the bridge SE takes care of the translation and interpretation between Japanese and English. You will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the team to ensure that they understand the services and systems that the customer wants to realize, and are able to carry out the design and manufacturing operations.
Depending on the project, you may work with the CTO and other SEs in Japan to conduct basic design work, determine specifications, and form a development team. You will then work with the development team to manage the project together with the client by eliminating issues in progress and sharing the status with the client. We will manage the project together with the client.

Since the Japanese side is mainly responsible for the project start face, the local members will take the lead in the development after the project starts.

You will be able to gain a lot of experience in the upstream process as a partner of the client’s business side and people in charge of business management.
Work Place: Currently Woking From Home based
Work hours: 9am-6pm
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