Game Producer

Senior Game Producer as Product Manager – Browser-based Game Production | Join a Leading Gaming Innovation Team!

We are actively seeking a dedicated and experienced Game Producer to join our Browser-based Game Production team, taking on the pivotal role of Product Manager. The successful candidate will lead the game's vision, acting as a crucial liaison between diverse teams, conducting comprehensive market research, overseeing the project timeline, and ensuring sustained game performance post-launch.
1. Defining the Game's Vision:
- Collaborate with the development team to conceptualize game features, mechanics, and gameplay elements.
- Leverage a profound understanding of the gaming industry and player preferences to craft a game that resonates with the target audience and achieves success.
2. Acting as a Liaison:
- Serve as the primary liaison between various teams involved in the game's development, including game designers, artists, programmers, and marketers.
- Facilitate effective communication to ensure all team members are aligned and working collaboratively towards a unified vision.
3. Conducting Market Research:
- Analyze industry trends, study competitor games, and gather player feedback to inform strategic decisions regarding the game's design and direction.
- Identify opportunities for innovation and ensure the game meets or exceeds the expectations of the target audience.
4. Overseeing the Project Timeline:
- Lead the project timeline, managing resources and making critical decisions to maintain project milestones.
- Collaborate closely with the marketing team to devise compelling promotional strategies and coordinate an impactful game launch.
5. Monitoring the Game's Performance:
- Post-launch, continuously monitor the game's performance, gather player insights, and implement updates or expansions as needed.
- Proactively address issues to uphold and enhance player engagement, satisfaction, and overall game success.
1. Working Experience: Proven working experience in any game production as a Product Manager.
2. A track record of successful game conceptualization, development, and management.
SGD 4,000 ~6,000 (MONTH) Open & Negotiable
9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
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