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Overseeing and supervising/ Daily operation/ HR function and else

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A renowned English language school known for facilitating student visa applications
1) Strategic Planning and Policy Development:
Collaborate with the Japanese General Manager to formulate school goals and policies, ensuring a realistic approach to operational challenges.
2) Budget Management: Develop and manage budgets, ensuring financial efficiency.
Provide insights into budget allocations, such as marketing initiatives and recruitment expenses.
3) Human Resources Management:Oversee the recruitment of teachers and consultants, manage schedules, and ensure a motivated team.
Focus on scheduling and finding substitute teachers when necessary.
4) Curriculum Development and Evaluation:
Take charge of curriculum development and improvement, conducting regular evaluations to enhance the quality of education.
5) Student Services:
Address student needs, enhance the learning environment, and ensure support services are robust.
6) Marketing and Public Relations:
Develop marketing strategies to increase school visibility and attract students. Drive PR activities to promote the school effectively.
7) Facility Management:
Manage classroom facilities and equipment, ensuring a conducive learning environment.
8) Quality Management and Evaluation:
Work on improving the quality of education through continuous evaluation of teaching methods and assessment practices.
9) Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, preventing legal issues.
10) Stakeholder Collaboration:
Foster communication with parents, students, staff, and the local community, building collaborative relationships.
11) Data Analysis and Reporting:
Analyze academic and business performance data, create reports to understand the organization's progress, and adjust strategies as needed.
12) Crisis Management:
Develop crisis management plans and ensure effective responses to emergencies.

Join us and contribute to the success and prosperity of our school and the achievement of our students. Apply now to be a part of our dynamic team!
For the position of a School Manager at an English language school, several key requirements should be considered to ensure the candidate has the necessary skills and qualifications to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the role. Here are some key requirements that might be considered:

Educational Background:
-A bachelor's degree in education, business administration, management, or a related field
-Proven experience as a School Manager or in a similar leadership role within the education sector.
Experience in managing the operations of an English language school, particularly one that facilitates student visa applications.
-Budgeting and Financial Management:
Strong financial management skills, including budget development, monitoring, and allocation of resources to various initiatives.
-Legal and Regulatory Knowledge:
Understanding of local education laws and regulations, particularly those related to student visas and language schools.
-Excellent interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders.
Strong communication skills for effective collaboration and conveying information clearly.

These requirements will help ensure that the School Manager has the expertise and capabilities necessary to navigate the complexities of managing an English language school, particularly one focused on student visa facilitation.
-Human Resources Management:
Experience in recruiting, training, and managing teaching and administrative staff.
Effective scheduling and resource allocation skills to ensure smooth operations.
-Curriculum Development and Education Quality:
Knowledge of curriculum development processes and strategies to improve the quality of education provided by the school.
Marketing and Public Relations:
-Experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies to attract students and enhance the school's visibility.
Strong public relations skills to effectively communicate with the media and community.
SGD 4,000 ~5,000 (MONTH) Open & Negotiable
10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
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